Be Part of a Group of Motivated Individuals

What Do We Mean by "Transformation"

The goal is to change key elements of your body composition. Those include:

  • Decrease body fat

  • Decrease waist circumference

  • Increase in lean body mass

  • Improvement of health markers (i.e. Blood pressure, Resting HR, etc.)

  • Change in Lifestyle Habits (i.e. Sleep, eating, stress, etc.)

Will you see an improvement in all of these elements in 6 weeks? Maybe not, but the goal will be to get them heading in the right direction, so you can continue to improve. You chose your goals at the beginning of the challenge.


The Challenge is designed to make you commit to your goals.

We are looking for indiviuals who are serious about improving their health and wellness!

How Will it Work?

Ken Yazge will be your Challenge Coach. Ken has received certifications as Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Functional Aging Specialist.

Throughout the program Ken will be messaging you and tracking your progress.

Sign up for one of our Ageless Fitness Small Group Training Sessions. To learn more about what Ageless Fitness is click here.


  • July 17th – Introductory meeting. This meeting will be via Zoom and recorded for those that cannot attend online. During this meeting, the program will be outlined and class dates set.
  • July 24th – First day of the challenge.
  • August 31st – Results day!

Class Schedule

  • Mondays @ 8:15 am
  • Tuesdays @ 12:00 noon
  • Wednesdays @ 8:15 am
  • Thursdays @ 12:00 noon

BodyMapp App

The BodyMapp application uses thermal imaging to give a complete analysis of your body.

You will have access to the EatLove nutrition platform.

Feature Overview…

  • A fully customizable meal plan based off your goals, preferences, family size , and more
  • A smart, flexible grocery list with grocery delivery options
    • This means that you can literally have all the ingredients from your recommended meal plan delivered right to your door (you can also customize, print, and email yourself the list)
  • An accurate food log with nutrition analysis compared against nutrition goals
    • You can log over 27,000 foods
  • Restaurant SMART choices can help you decide what to eat
  • Plus you can upload your own recipes into EatLove to see how they compare against you chosen nutrition profile

Exercise is only one part of your transformation

Nutrition plays a crucial role in transforming your body. It is often said that “abs are made in the kitchen,” highlighting the significance of nutrition in achieving your fitness goals. Here are some key reasons why nutrition is essential for body transformation:

1. Fuel for Exercise: Proper nutrition provides the energy needed for workouts and physical activities. It ensures that your body has an adequate supply of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which serve as fuel sources during exercise. Without proper nutrition, you may experience fatigue, decreased performance, and difficulty in achieving your fitness goals.

2. Muscle Growth and Repair: Adequate protein intake is essential for muscle growth and repair. When you engage in strength training or other forms of exercise, your muscles undergo micro-tears. Proper nutrition, particularly protein, supplies the necessary building blocks (amino acids) for repairing and building new muscle tissue. This promotes muscle growth, strength, and overall body composition changes.

3. Body Fat Reduction: To transform your body, reducing body fat is often a primary goal. Nutrition plays a significant role in this process. By consuming a well-balanced diet with appropriate calorie intake, you can create a calorie deficit, which means you consume fewer calories than you burn. This deficit encourages your body to utilize stored fat as an energy source, leading to fat loss and a leaner physique.

4. Nutrient Timing: The timing of your meals and snacks can impact your body transformation goals. Consuming the right nutrients before and after workouts can enhance performance, optimize recovery, and support muscle growth. Pre-workout meals provide energy for the exercise session, while post-workout nutrition replenishes glycogen stores, repairs damaged tissues, and promotes muscle protein synthesis.

5. Overall Health and Well-being: Proper nutrition is not just about physical appearance but also about overall health and well-being. A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants supports optimal organ function, strengthens the immune system, promotes good digestion, and enhances mental clarity. When you feel good from the inside, it positively impacts your body transformation journey.

6. Sustainable Lifestyle: Transforming your body is not just about short-term changes; it’s about adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining long-term success. By establishing healthy eating habits, understanding portion control, and making mindful food choices, you can sustain your results and maintain a healthy body composition over time.

It’s important to note that body transformation is a multi-faceted process that also includes regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, and other factors.