New Year’s Challenge

21-Day New Year's Resolution Challenge

So you are making a New Year’s Resolution to get in better shape. Maybe you have tried this before and had problems sticking to your program. We want to help you stay on track with our 21-Day New Year’s Resolution Challenge. There is not cost for the program, the only cost is if you need to purchase a Heart Rate Monitor.

How it will work:
There will be an introductory meeting January 5th at 4 pm. At this meeting you will learn about using a Heart Rate Monitor to measure your activity. Get tips on how to start and stay on track.

Each member will have a Heart Rate Monitor. You can purchase one from us for $40.00 or if you have your own it must me ANT+ compatible. If you have an Apple Watch you will need to purchase a fob from us for $50.00 to connect to our system. We will be using the FitEdge HR mobile app available on both Apple and Android phones.

We will conduct a Small Group Training class once a week for participants to join and help them stay on track.

Each weekday we will update the Leader Board showing participants progress. There are no winners or losers in this challenge.

Participants will receive weekly email updates to encourage them to stay on track.

To sign up for the introductory meeting follow the link below to fill out our registration form.